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Nations To Be Paid To Stave Off Logging

Saturday December 15, 2007
COUNTRIES will be paid to protect forests from logging, with the Bali conference adopting a proposal for the successor to the Kyoto Protocol to embrace deforestation.

Cia Does It Again - Badly

Tuesday December 11, 2007
THE US Central Intelligence Agency is again mired in controversy. It admitted last week that it had destroyed videotapes of what it calls aggressive interrogations - and human rights advocates call torture - of terrorism suspects. Now, the spy organisation is adopting diversionary tactics, by seeking to portray its congressional critics as accessories after the fact. A leaked story alleges that legislators, including the present Democrat Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, were ...

Alp Power Struggle

Monday December 10, 2007
A MAJORITY of the Illawarra's state Labor MPs were adopting a wait-and-see stance yesterday ahead of today's controversial meeting of the Cabinet and caucus called to discuss the privatisation of the electricity industry.

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